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Hey Alexa, what's a copywriter?

May 09, 2018

As digital assistants continue to make themselves heard in homes across the globe, all kinds of brands have grasped the enormous potential of being able to interact with consumers in a whole new way. But with their entire message being communicated through the words of Alexa, Siri et al, it's all the more important to consider the words they're saying – leading to an important reaffirmation in the value of the copywriter.

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Thanks to the recent trend for content creation, brands have found themselves producing article after article stuffed with keywords to try and entice search engines that value quantity over quality. Couple this with move to digital putting a focus on the visual, and it appears that copywriting as a skill has become somewhat devalued – but that value is now being heavily restored. When nothing is said beyond search engine friendly buzzwords, the brand won't last in the memory – so quality content is far better for brand-consumer relationships. And with the move from visual to auditory, it's no longer the picture that will be worth 1,000 words.

When there's no imagery or video to rely on, the entire brand identity relies on what's being said. This has implications for the choice of speaker, with gender, age and vocal qualities all needing to be taken into account. But more important than this is the words they speak to establish the right tone. This is most evident when considering the human touch programmed into home assistants – the anecdotes seen in the multiple 'funny things to ask Siri/Google/Alexa' articles online. While they may be quirks of the tech, they establish the personality of assistant, and in turn, the brand. When you ask Alexa what her favourite colour is, she says 'My favourite colour is blue – no wait, yellow.' This indecisiveness shows a softer, relatable side, and the answer would've showcased something quite different had it been 'Red. No doubt about it.' These choices aren't just made to entertain, and illustrate how critical it is for brand to trust communication like this to a Copywriter with the skill to craft the perfect tone.
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A vocal performance obviously comes from the artist and the life they breathe into a script. Yet this doesn't all come from the artist themselves, and key performance directions begin with the writer. They must ensure the information is relayed in the way they intended, and not lost in translation. When important details, word emphasis and style of delivery are handled correctly, the business' tone shines through. This is how Copywriters at PHMG approach an audio branding script, adding details on pronunciation, stresses on particular words and key pauses into their carefully crafted, targeted messages – ensuring maximum comprehension from the voice artist, and in turn the listener. Proper communication between brand and writer results in effective content, and in the case of an audio branding production, the effect is real engagement and action from the listener.

The development in this technology present huge opportunities for brands across the globe, with more and more businesses seizing the chance to speak to their customers (Just Eat have recently unveiled their own voice app companion for Alexa.) And with specialist Copywriters perfecting the not just the words, but the vocal direction, brands will showcase their vocal identity with great success.