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The Art of Making a Musical Connection

Aug 29, 2018

“By becoming more meaningful to consumers, you’ll create a greater connection with them”

Music plays a key role in many people’s lives. It helps make special moments more memorable, with certain times of your life forever encapsulated in a song – transporting you back with every listen. Music allows us to make deeper emotional connections with everything from people to experiences. This is why it’s such an important part of experiential marketing campaigns, as two high-profile companies have proved. Read on as we take a look at how their partnerships with music streaming sites have truly enhanced the customer’s experience.

In what it sees as a big branding opportunity, Bacardi is putting the digital audio experiment to the test by partnering with Soundcloud – alongside electronic trio Major Lazer – to launch an experiential activation, employing music as its primary focus. The brands are inviting artists from across the USA, Bahamas and Puerto Rico to upload tracks inspired by Bacardi – with the chance of being mentored by Major Lazer and shooting a music video sponsored by the brand up for grabs. And while giving artists the chance to reach a global audience, it’s also easily accessible for clear promotion to a huge market of music lovers through exposure on Soundcloud’s mobile app homepage.

New Royal Caribbean, on the other hand, is pushing the boundaries of technology even further in their exploration of clever and innovative marketing avenues, partnering with SoundSeeker and Berklee College of Music to help create an emotional connection with their target audience. Using AI, their goal is to transform traveller photo albums into original, shareable soundtracks, with a video of the explorer’s most memorable pictures to match. The ingenious software analyses everything about an image’s content – developed by reviewing 10,000 photos, matching each to one of 11 moods – before coupling it with music created by Berklee College. All users have to do is upload three photos, and the site does the rest, converting them into videos with a perfectly suited soundtrack for added sentiment.

The revolutionary idea behind these campaigns is that by becoming more meaningful to consumers, they’ll create a greater connection with them – marrying their brand with real life experiences and emotions. Bacardi, going down the digital audio route in their campaign, engage artists by supporting creator growth, while offering music lovers new avenues to explore – with their brand the heart of it all. In comparison, New Royal Caribbean are helping people share their experiences in new and exciting ways, using music for its crucial part in creating more meaningful memories – enhancing their position as a brand that delivers unexpected, memorable experiences. 

Audio branding places the creation of more emotional connections at its core, helping companies become a closer part of consumers’ lives. By becoming a positive part of your target audience’s experiences, you will forever be a part of their happy memories, ones they will want to emulate again and again.