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PHMG Foundation: supporting Mind

Jan 26, 2019
This year, we’re supporting just five of the causes closest to our hearts to make the biggest possible difference – one of which is Mind. Read on as we learn more about the valuable work we’ll be helping the charity to continue in 2019. 

For more than 60 years, Mind has been working to improve the lives of all people experiencing mental health problems. Statistics show that in any given year, one in four of us will suffer from a mental health condition – and it’s Mind’s mission to make sure every single person receives the support they need and the respect they deserve.
All of Mind’s campaigning is governed by the pursuit of three key goals: 

- To improve services
- To raise awareness
- To promote understanding

One of the most unique things about Mind is that support is offered to sufferers in the way they feel most comfortable – whether that’s from afar; through their confidential Infoline, online peer support community and informative website, or directly; via a network of around 130 local Minds throughout England and Wales. And it’s not just the people experiencing mental health problems themselves who Mind strives to help. Their mission extends to the carers, friends and family of those suffering, and to the wider general public through training that promotes good mental health for all. But despite this marked improvement in attitudes, in 2019, people need Mind more than ever.

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In 2012, Mind began their campaign entitled ‘Unstoppable Together’, and in just four years, the charity saw an unprecedented shift in opinions surrounding mental health. The most important breakthrough in this time was that more and more people felt comfortable sharing their personal experiences. Their recent campaign, ‘In Our Own Words’ gave young people with mental health problems a platform to talk about what their lives are like day-to-day – and to share what helps them cope:

Mind relies on donations to continue its important work up and down the country. The money they receive allows them to print the guidebooks we find in GP surgeries, train compassionate people to answer calls from those who need urgent help, and campaign for better mental health services from the Government. Mind is making our world a safer place for all people, and we here at the PHMG Foundation look forward putting our all into fundraising for this truly special charity throughout 2019. 

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