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PHMG Foundation: supporting SOS Illinois

Jan 28, 2019
This year, we’re supporting just five of the causes closest to our hearts to make the biggest possible difference – one of which is SOS Children’s Villages Illinois. Read on as we learn more about the valuable work we’ll be helping the charity to continue in 2019. 

SOS Children’s Villages is the world’s largest non-denominational care provider for vulnerable children, and for the second year running, we’re proud to be supporting their organisation continue their innovative approach to foster care. 

SOS blog

For more than 25 years, SOS Children’s Villages Illinois has been offering a sibling foster care service with a difference. As well as making sure siblings are never separated from one another during the fostering process, the charity has also set up three separate communities – called ‘villages’ – in which these children and their full-time, professionally trained foster parents receive regular therapeutic, educational and developmental support. Each village contains clusters of individual homes with shared recreational facilities, designed to bring families together who are all going through similar hardships.

As well as operating villages in Lockport, Chicago and Roosevelt, they also run an interventional facility in Hermitage – where they provide a Family Strengthening Service, alongside shelter for young people at risk. By helping biological parents overcome any issues which may be making their children vulnerable, SOS Children’s Villages Illinois can make sure more children are able to stay with or return to their birth families.

Sadly, countless children across the US are placed in the hands of the welfare system every year – often as a result of an abusive home life or the death of family members. However, the children looked after by the staff and foster parents at SOS Children’s Villages Illinois are given the resources they need to grow into caring and productive adults – and they have plenty of success stories to prove it.

100% of children who have been looked after by an SOS Children’s Villages Illinois foster parent graduate from high school – compared to a national average of just 50% across other forms of foster care. But these remarkable statistics don’t compare to the emotional and developmental differences this charity makes to the quality of young people’s lives.

SOS blog
SOS Children’s Villages Illinois operates thanks to the generosity of volunteers and those who donate. The vast majority of the money received is put towards the ongoing upkeep of their sibling foster care, fostering families, in-home family, and SOS university programmes – as well as into their all-important, ongoing fundraising campaigns. Here at The PHMG Foundation, we’re looking forward to being able to present this worthy charity with a well-deserved donation following our hard work and fundraising efforts in 2019. 

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