A sound to inspire success on the slopes

Feb 15, 2019
With a professional background which includes leading the England Rugby Team to victory at the 2003 World Cup, Sir Clive Woodward is certainly no stranger to inspiring success in a team – and his passionate approach to leadership caught our attention here at PHMG. 

We were proud to welcome the celebrated rugby coach and Team GB Olympic Director to the stage to present at our January Conferences in both 2018 and 2019. Just as we all learned from his rousing presentation, it seems he was inspired by the power of our product too. With Sir Clive now turning his attention to coaching the next generation of athletes at his elite ski academy, it was the perfect time for PHMG to demonstrate how incorporating music into training could be the key to even greater achievements.

Based on Sir Clive’s belief that classroom learning is key to achieving sporting success, Apex2100 delivers a unique programme that perfectly balances a rich academic curriculum with world-leading ski coaching. Split into three key areas – learn, train, and prepare – the course is designed to set students up for success both on and off the slopes. So, with the unique vision and individual programme elements perfected, it was time for PHMG’s world-class Music and Voice Team to step in and create the sound of elite ski training.

Head of A&R, Lucy Drennan, and A&R Manager, Alice Salmon, began by conducting a visual brand analysis of Apex2100, before leading a consultation with the academy’s team to determine the five adjectives that characterise the brand. These are:

In musical terms, the PHMG team determined that the Apex2100 sound would consist of a familiar, functional chord progression, a mix of major and minor chords, and sharper percussive elements to reflect the clean, angular visual branding. With the overall concept defined, Lucy and Alice turned their attention to the techniques that make up Apex2100’s seven individual training steps:

By getting right to the heart of the skills involved in each area of training, they created seven unique briefs to be delivered to PHMG’s external roster of world-leading composers. Following the positive results received during market research with the academy’s own skiers, PHMG’s In-House Composer Joe Leggett was tasked with bringing these seven elements together to create one unique track – Apex2100’s Brand-Sound. By selecting the stand-out features from the individual tracks – including bold live drums, delicate pizzicato strings, processed vocal samples and electric guitars – Joe’s final arrangement has resulted in a sound that conjures emotion, excitement, and most importantly, a clear path to the finish line.

A real team effort by the PHMG Composers, Apex2100’s finished tracks are sure to help them inspire the gold medal-winning skiers of the future.