Sound of reassurance

Let's be frank: sound of reassurance

Apr 04, 2019
In a world where supermarket checkouts are being replaced with self-scan machines, and shopping trips take place on the sofa, not the highstreets, it’s easy to think the human touch in business is slipping away. That’s precisely why businesses are turning the tables; using technology to create conversations with customers that are simple, reassuring and familiar. And it’s sound – more specifically, voice – that’s helping them to do this. 

Let's be frank: sound of reassurance

Speaking to CMO, Diane Pavlicevic (the Head of Frank Health Insurance and Marketing Head of its parent company GMHBA) described building Australia’s first health insurance voice app as a ‘natural decision’. As a digital health insurer, Frank has seized the opportunity to simplify communication with its patients and audience. It’s easy to talk to Frank, all you have to do is ask – ‘Hey Google, can I speak to Frank Insurance?’ So now anyone with Google Assistant or Google Home can receive expert, simple and affordable advice the second they need it. Upon its debut, the Frank app could handle about 200 voice-based questions and 500 sentences – making the decoding and advising upon sometimes complicated questions ‘Easy as Frank’ – ringing true to their slogan.  

And it’s not just voice that delivers this level of reassurance either. More and more companies are discovering just how much a well-crafted sound can incite trust and confidence in customers. We recently summarised this in our blog on Mastercard’s new sonic brand. Their distinctive chime sounds at the tap of your contactless card, the click of an app, the end of an advert – it seamlessly integrates into the customers’ life, becoming a familiar sound to rely on. 

Let's be frank

Yet as fast as smart phones and speakers evolve, the sense of immediacy and personal connection the traditional telephone evokes continues to offer something not found elsewhere – which is why it remains such a key tool for business communication. And it’s why we use music and voice to create the most reassuring caller experience for clients to whom this is of the utmost importance. Companies in the medical and wellness sectors make effective use of traditional live instrumentation such as pianos and picked acoustic guitars; subtle synths and percussion, and harmonic sounds over catchy melodies, allowing for the calming messages to really be heard. These are read by voice artists with a warm, measured and welcoming delivery, further illustrating how the right voice tells customers that this is a company they can rely on. 

No matter what the brand, the business, or the sector, all businesses are looking to inspire a feeling of reassurance in their customer. And as we’ve seen, there’s no more emotive, effective way to do this than with music and voice.