A Week to Create and Innovate

A Week to Create and Innovate

Apr 15, 2019
Creativity and innovation are the tools with which our entire advancement as a species continues to build. It’s what drives an artist to craft a number one record, an architect to decorate the skyline, and a scientist to push the boundaries of technology – and this Sunday, 24th April, these very values are being celebrated with International Creativity and Innovation Day.

A Week to Create and Innovate

As technology continues to improve at an unprecedented rate and what’s possible is limited only by imagination, creativity and innovation are more important than ever. The creative economy has now become a key player in the overall world economy, with audio-visual products, design, new media, performing arts and publishing sectors creating more jobs, generating more income and exporting earnings like never before. Culture too, has a vital part to play in creative sectors; it represents a starting point and set of values to build a project around and take inspiration from, while providing a source of identity and advocating inclusive social development. 

PHMG’s biggest inspirations: 
The words ‘creativity’ and ‘innovation’ conjure thoughts of those you can’t help but admire for how they’ve taken these values to the next level, and become the very embodiment of them. Therefore, this important day has compelled us to share some of our biggest inspirations – and none fit this description quite like the icon that is David Bowie. Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, The Thin White Duke, and whoever else his creativity determined him to be, he’s a longstanding inspiration for innovation who made a habit of reinventing himself – not only through his varying personas, but through the differing musical styles he embraced and the inevitable aesthetic feast each visual project brought to the table. Bowie taught the world that it’s in your power to be the character that you want to be, all you’ve got to is create them. 

David Bowie graffiti wall

A far cry from the colour, vibrancy, and eccentricity of David Bowie, Katie Bouman; represents another example of creativity and innovation personified – and a figure who we’ve recently taken to heart as a true pinnacle of passion for innovation. Although the jaw-dropping, first ever real image of a black hole was a collaborative effort from scientists around the globe, it’s Bouman who wrote the algorithms to make it all possible. Her passion and determination to achieve something that had never been done before has seen her etch her name into scientific legend and become a true heroine of the industry. 

Here at PHMG, creativity is key – our entire business depends on it, and the outstanding creative talent present in our company is a source of constant inspiration. Our composers capture the heart and soul of a brand through their unique musical talent – earning them Emmy and Juno nominations in the process. Then there’s our world-class copywriting team, crafting scripts that pack a powerful and informative punch while deftly communicating the identity of a brand – and it’s up to our catalogue of professional voice artists to bring these words to life. These three elements are united and perfected by our outstanding producers constructing the audio brand. Then it’s the creativity of our marketers and designers that gives PHMG a voice, a style and a unique brand identity. The wild imagination and reams of ideas these individuals bring to work each and every day not only makes us who we are, but act as inspiration to push the boundaries even further.

Jaquire King

A day we’ve taken to heart: 
International Creativity and Innovation Day will be celebrated wholeheartedly at PHMG. They’re two of the brand values we hold dear, and what have made us who we are today. We pride our product on its level of creativity and the ingenious approach we take to audio branding, which has continued to evolve year on year since we were established 1998. Back then, our service was all about making the most of our clients’ on-hold time through top quality productions that showcase all the company has to offer. Over the following twenty years, our commitment to innovation has seen our focus shift to audio branding as a whole – with our trademarked Brand-Sound-Track™ product giving each client an exclusive piece of music crafted to fit their unique brand identity. International Creativity and Innovation Day is an incredible opportunity to look back at where we came from, how we’ve progressed today, and most importantly, what is the next step for PHMG?