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Branding: what’s in a name?

May 07, 2019
Names… they represent culture, mould personality, and are influential in forming an identity – and the same goes for brands as it does for people. Deeper meaning, success and power lies behind some of today’s most successful brand names – and when it comes to audio branding, a catchy moniker is even more important. 

A deeper meaning: 
You’ve probably wondered how some of your favourite brands obtained their name, and while the obvious answer is week-after-week of creating, debating and collaborating, this isn’t always the case. Google is a prime example. It holds no definitive meaning, instead owing its title to a simple typo – yet it’s commonly the first website you turn to whenever there’s something you need to know, and has even become a verb in its own right. On the other hand, Nike’s name has much deeper connotations in Greek mythology, and shares its name with the goddess of victory – a fitting choice considering their brand values. Although a straightforward choice may seem like the ideal solution to connect with an intended audience, a brand’s name and its success bare no obvious correlation, and the above instances are a fitting example. Companies shouldn’t be afraid to think outside the box, or go simple – as we see in the hidden meanings behind 10 famous brand names.  

The audio branding effect: 

While printed and visual marketing is tactile and engaging, it doesn’t hold the same long-lasting effect as audio – so how do names impact the world of audio branding? Sound allows a business to bring their brand to life, and the sonic logo is the perfect example of this. McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It”… Coca-Cola’s seasonal classic “Holidays Are Coming”… EA Sports’ “It’s In the Game” – they all trigger an instant reaction, and that’s without even mentioning the name. It’s smart, it’s simple, and it works. But when the name becomes part of the sonic logo itself, the effects can be all the greater. 

Earlier this month, Liberty Mutual Insurance unveiled their new sonic logo – which simply repeats the name four times. The results have been astonishing – they’ve had shout-outs on The Today Show, and reached the summit of Veritonic’s Annual Audio Logo Index. Liberty’s Chief Marketing Officer, Emily Fink, highlighted how they strived for something with a lasting impact on the business as a whole, rather than an isolated marketing campaign – and so it was born. “Liberty, Liberty, Liberty… Liberty” chimes the jingle – the embodiment of simplicity.

Making it memorable: 
A simple-yet-effective approach like Liberty’s stands as testament to the importance of a memorable name within an audio branding campaign. After all, there’s nothing more unforgettable than music. And when you combine a memorable brand name with a memorable Brand-Sound-Track™, you’ve got the perfect formula to remain in the mind of your consumers – the result every business is searching for.