Audio branding - a vehicle to stand out

Audio branding: a vehicle to stand out

Feb 07, 2020
Local roots
Snows Motor Group is a family run car dealership based in the Southwest of England. And in an industry where location can seem less and less important, they’re a successful outlier. They put that down partly to the care and attention to detail that runs through their organisation, but mainly it’s because they’re one of a few that truly understands their community. A local brand made up of local people, they can connect with their market on a personal level.

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Increasing traffic
That ability to make and sustain a connection with customers is key in today’s market. For Snows Motor Group, it’s no longer about the quantity of their competitors, it’s the way in which they operate. In previous generations, if you were searching for your next vehicle, you would shop around a select number of local dealerships and find the best deal for you. Now, people have access to thousands of choices within seconds. The internet has made our world smaller and our options greater – and for a business like Snows Motor Group, that presents a new set of challenges.

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A consistent brand
One way in which Snows Motor Group continues to stand out is through audio branding. For them, it’s the professionalism and consistency that brings the value. They can’t always have a friendly, warm receptionist on hand to take calls, but their high quality production gives them the opportunity to have a familiar voice available 24-7 to guide their callers in the right direction quickly and concisely. And for a modern, family owned business, that can make all the difference.

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