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COVID-19: Maximizing your communications

Mar 27, 2020
As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, it may mean that communications budgets aren’t quite as generous as they once were. However, there are ways companies can maximise this in tough financial times. Social media and email marketing can help, but when it comes to delivering the highest impact with the lowest cost, an area you can make the biggest difference in is the caller experience.
A complete caller experience:
Now more than ever before, the telephone is a key method of contact for consumers – and there are a series of messaging options that sit at key points in the caller experience to enhance an overall communications strategy. First is the Auto Attendant, which creates the best first impression for a caller by delivering a professional greeting, numbered options or a clear message that can be heard by everyone who picks up the phone. When a caller contacts a company outside their usual opening times, an Out-of-Hours production provides essential alternative contact details so a caller is never left without vital information. And if they’re connected to an individual, Business Voicemail on a mobile, cell or landline enhances communication further by extending professionalism and information to another touchpoint. Additionally, any time a caller spends waiting on the line also introduces an opportunity for messaging – offering a captive audience with a proven interest in your business. All these productions can focus on reassurance, information and creating an overall professional identity – allowing you to cultivate brand affinity and a long-term relationship. Most importantly, all these productions can be implemented collectively or individually for as little as the price of a cup of coffee a day, making it a highly viable option if budgets are tight.
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Consistency and reliability
With any or all of these productions in place, it becomes much easier for a business to create a clear narrative and emotional connection on a crucial issue – one that you can easily transfer to your social media feeds in the interest of continuity. By connecting with – and reassuring – customers across multiple platforms, you make your message that bit more available to those looking for answers. And at a time when there may be fewer hands on deck than usual, productions at these key points in the caller experience provide a solution that works away in the background, freeing you up to concentrate on the bigger issues at hand.
Overall, consistency and reliability is what really matters right now. A clear communications strategy can act as an assured point of contact for uncertain customers, delivering the best possible impact. And as the work from home movement starts to usher in a new evolution in the way we live our lives – with remote communication becoming more important than ever – caller experience has real potential to become the new KPI.