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Apr 01, 2020

Whether it’s classical, country or indie rock; blues, drum and bass, or hip-hop – the world loves to listen to music. In fact, the IFPI’s latest report showed that on average, we listen to 18 hours a week – that’s around 52 songs every day. As an audio branding agency, we’re particularly passionate about the power of music and its hold on us. We know that beyond a catchy beat, sound can impact human behavior by heightening our emotions or altering our mood altogether.
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If you’ve ever felt a ‘chill’ while playing your favourite track, that’s probably down to dopamine – the same feel-good chemical that’s released when we’re falling in love – and it’s one of many changes going on in the brain as you listen to music. Other research suggests that music can enhance the functions of our frontal lobe (the part for planning and decision making), increase our physical capacity and generally make around 90% of employees perform better – but what’s most striking is music’s relationship to stress-reduction. Experiments have shown that the right rhythm can stimulate our emotional responses, slow our mind and heart rate, and lower our blood pressure – among many other physical benefits – which is why it’s often used as a form of therapy to help improve mental health.

During a time most of us are working remotely and distancing ourselves from friends, the power of music feels especially significant. Adding uplifting tracks to our daily routine could boost motivation and concentration levels that are lacking outside of an office environment, or help to alleviate any anxiety that emerges with a new and unfamiliar routine.

To get everyone into the groove of working from home, our Music and Voice experts have curated three playlists designed to help you feel good, get focused, and work out… if you feel like it.

WEB - Music is Power - Image 3-b Click below to take a look at the rest of our new Spotify playlists:
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