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COVID-19 marketing and communications: Adapt and engage

Apr 07, 2020
As COVID-19 continues to affect how businesses in all industries operate, you may feel like you’re being pulled in all directions in terms of what you should be focusing on. But one area that absolutely should not be neglected is your marketing and communications strategy. Now is a time to build brand trust and recognition – spreading a message of togetherness when people need it most.

Reactive marketing in action
The current situation may be changing at a rapid pace, but companies shouldn’t be afraid to adapt their campaigns and overall stance to be more in tune with the market. There’s already been some powerful examples of both B2C and B2B companies doing just that in recent weeks, including British supermarket Morrisons, who changed its core purpose to “feed the nation” to reflect the role it’s playing in keeping the country going; while US pizza chain Little Ceasars created a new TV spot focusing on how their pizza isn’t touched once it comes out of the oven – and delivered direct to Conan O Brien while he presented from his home. And in the world of B2B, Telia Finland, an ICT and media corporation, is giving away its national advertising space to SMEs that are being hit the hardest – allowing companies in struggling sectors to market on national TV, newspapers and social media. In doing so, Telia Finland is playing an important role in keeping the country’s smaller businesses running – something that will pay off for the economy in the long run.

Helping you connect with your callers
Many companies are adapting their marketing proposition to offer support to others throughout these uncertain times – and that’s something we’re doing ourselves here at PHMG. We understand that information is what people are seeking at the moment, so we’ve shifted the focus of our message away from the power of music as a branding tool, and towards showcasing how our productions can be used to convey essential company information. This has helped companies enhance their caller experience at a time when more customers are picking up the phone than ever before. Whether these customers are seeking vital updates or answers to their most urgent questions, this information can be delivered by a production as well as a member of staff, opening up another important channel of communication.
Samsung folding phone
If you have decided to adapt your message at this time, the telephone is also an important platform to consider in ensuring it has the biggest impact. Introducing this communication here will reach the right audience, going directly to people with a vested interest in your business, who need to know this essential information. And as a telephone production is also easily updatable, you can tell your callers what they need to know, when they need to know it.