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COVID-19: Effective communication in action

May 06, 2020
All around the world, one message has been consistently shared throughout the COVID-19 pandemic: stay connected. Whether it’s with family, friends, colleagues or customers, maintaining a connection has never been more important – and at PHMG, our product has emerged as a vital tool in helping our clients communicate with their customers and employees. More and more people are picking up the phone for answers, and our productions ensure every caller has the very best experience when they do.
Making a connection:
The time callers spend waiting to be connected or transferred opens up a real opportunity for communication – especially at a time when your business may have undergone some major changes. Productions like this can help you make the best first impression with an on-brand greeting – and provide a way to deliver essential information to every caller before they speak with a member of staff. Or, they can work to keep callers informed, engaged and reassured while they wait – particularly important at a time when increased enquiries may lead to a longer hold time. In both of these options, script, music and voice combine to strengthen brand identity at an important touchpoint, and show callers that the company is there for them.
Power Equipment Direct
The right direction:
Many phone systems allow clients to direct callers using a series of numbered options, and our clients have made full use of productions that deliver this information at this time. With an influx in enquiries, this allows calls to be answered more efficiently – leaving staff to get on with other work.
Consistent professionalism:
Business voicemails are key for reassuring callers they’ve reached the right person, and with many companies making changes to their employee setup during COVID-19, they can also provide alternative contact details. As with all of PHMG’s productions, voicemails help to enhance the professional image of your businesses – conveying information with complete clarity. We’ve acted quickly for our clients to get these essential messages updated without delay:
Park Lane
A service that never sleeps:
It’s inevitable that customers will sometimes call when your business is closed, but that doesn’t mean they should be greeted with a dead line. An Out-of-Hours message keeps the channel of communication open even when you’re not, and can provide people with information on your operating hours, website, or alternative contact details – all while reducing any potential lost sales enquiries. Many of our clients have had to deal with unexpected office closures recently, and their Out-of-Hours production has proved invaluable:
Peterborough United
Support you can count on:
There’s a real spirit of togetherness in the world right now, and many businesses are doing everything they can to assist others throughout this time. Here at PHMG, we’re focused on helping as many companies as possible utilise the power of the telephone – delivering a world-class service when it really counts. We’re committed to going above and beyond to ensure our clients receive their new productions promptly, and delivering tailored advice on how they can get the most out of our service during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what they’ve had to say about our support in recent weeks: