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Maximize your caller experience: Greeting your callers

May 24, 2020

The phone has played a huge part in keeping businesses and their customers connected during this time of social distancing. With company processes changing by the week and call volumes continuing to increase, now is a crucial time to talk about how we’re handling calls.

There are several key components behind the perfect caller experience – starting with Audio While Connecting and Auto Attendant productions. Many PHMG clients have updated these messages in recent times to deliver essential information to customers before they speak to a member of staff. And as some sense of normality is restored, they’ll continue to adapt this content to support customers through the transition to business as usual.

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Audio While Connecting:

Audio While Connecting is the custom message used to greet callers. It’s the very first thing a customer will hear before they’re connected to a team member – and there are a number of ways you can make this time count.

  • This professional introduction isn’t just a way to confirm that customers are in the right place – it sets the tone for the rest of the call. You should think about using language that builds confidence and strengthens your brand.
  • During this time, your business also has the opportunity to make sure every single caller hears any important updates – an especially useful feature while most of us are making vital operational changes.
  • Any information you provide here might also go on to answer the caller’s question before they’re even connected – like your new opening hours. This saves them waiting on-hold while it’s busy, and allows staff to address other enquiries faster.
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The Auto-Attendant takes clients through an extension menu for each department or staff member – a small message at the start that makes a big difference to the overall experience.

  • This message transfers customers directly to the person or department they need, which significantly reduces traffic during busier times, and ensures your callers enjoy an all-round more efficient service.
  • Customers won’t have to repeat their enquiry to numerous staff members. They’ll reach the right agent or department first time, and speak to someone qualified to answer their questions, which means more chance of a first-contact resolution.
  • Alongside improving your company image, an Auto Attendant also reduces operational costs by removing the need for extra customer service representatives – making it a simple solution with a significant return on investment.

Interactive Voice Response:

These two messages can enhance your brand, reduce hold-time and upgrade your caller experience before anyone’s even been connected. And when IVR technology is incorporated – like it is for many larger businesses – they can be even more effective. Audio While Connecting IVR messages invite callers to state their reason for enquiring, reacting to their response and directing them to the right individual accordingly. While Auto Attendant maximised in this way invites callers to state rather than press their relevant number. This is an option often available through cloud-based phone systems, and this technology invites real potential for call optimisation.

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