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Maximize your caller experience: Round-the-clock communication

May 27, 2020

Now, it’s more important than ever to make the most of your key communication tool – the telephone. In our last blog, Maximize your caller experience: Greeting your callers, we explored Auto Attendant and how these productions can create the best first impression and deliver essential information to a caller before they speak to a member of staff. With the current climate bringing with it changes to both operating and working hours, there will be times when staff aren’t available –  and how we ensure the delivery of vital information still occurs whenever your callers need it is crucial. Out-of-Hours messaging provides the opportunity to effectively communicate with and reassure callers – and it’s helping our clients keep the phone open as a channel of communication even when they’re not.


Pete’s Ace Hardware:

Like so many businesses across the globe, Pete’s Ace Hardware was forced to reduce their opening hours and staff in the face of the pandemic – meaning ‘out of hours’ became a much longer portion of the day. Rather than their callers hearing a general message about them currently being closed, PHMG tailored their OOH to explain the precise circumstances within which they were working and remaining open – regularly updating it as-and-when this information changed. This message acted as an Auto Attendant whenever they were called outside their business hours, meaning customers were fully informed, rather than wondering if the store had closed for good or when they may reopen.

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Clare’s Harley-Davidson Niagara: 

Unfortunately Clare’s Harley-Davidson of Niagara had no choice but to temporarily close their store – but that didn’t mean their communication with customers ceased. It was important to them that when their business was called, the customer wasn’t simply told the store was closed to the general public. Instead, we tailored an Out of Hours production that relayed that message, while also providing additional information and various forms of alternative communication while their phone wasn’t currently being answered. It bridged the gap between the client and their customers, while helping solidify their relationship with a continued dialogue.

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These are just two examples of how real businesses are reaping the rewards of a tailored Out-of-Hours production from PHMG – but they don’t go all the way to explaining the scope of benefits this service provides. Below, you’ll find some of the key ways this type of message could be utilized for your business.

  • Questions: answered

    This message provides the perfect opportunity to share key information with your callers – including your opening hours, emergency contact details, and alternative ways to get in touch – with the potential to answer their question right there and then.

  • Always available:

    With the traditional 9-5 working routine still very much alive, many callers will be too busy to contact your business during standard opening hours. But by having a professionally recorded Out-of-Hours message that kicks in when you’re closed, you’ll still be able to share the same details – and increase brand loyalty, too.

  • Never lose a lead:

    A dead line is unlikely to lead to a sale, but a message that directs callers to an alternate number or offers an email or website address just might. An Out-of-Hours recording is a vital tool to help you reduce potential hang-ups and lost revenue. 

  • Enhance professionalism

    It may seem simple, but an Out of Hours message will add an extra layer of professionalism to your brand’s overall image. When questioned, 33% of people said they believed having this level of phone support increases a business’ professionalism – so it could set you apart from your competitors.

This message works to reduce hang-ups, increase sales, and improve the overall caller experience – making it an essential tool in your branding strategy