Maximize your caller experience: Delivering clarity and consistency

May 29, 2020

Our recent blog series – ‘Maximizing the caller experience’ – has explored how every business can harness the power of the telephone to communicate with their customers and staff throughout this ever-changing time. In our last blog, ‘Maximize your caller experience: round-the-clock communication’, we focused on Out-of-Hours messaging – and all the benefits it brings to your brand. Now, we’re taking a look at the role Business Voicemails play in giving you the professional edge – through the return to work, and beyond.


The whole world has been affected by the challenges COVID-19 has presented – and that was no different at Juvenaire. Although the business has been open as usual since the pandemic began, not all their clients will have been aware of that. That’s why the team at PHMG provided tailored Business Voicemails for their office and cell phones to ensure that when a customer reached the appropriate party, they knew they could leave a message and have it returned as soon as possible – reassuring them that Juvenaire was very much still there for them at this time.

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SteelFab has been open and running as normal over the last few months – meaning their need for high-quality audio has been continuous. They required many changes to their productions to keep their callers as up-to-date as possible – and their Business Voicemails became especially important for this. Every staff member has a dedicated voicemail message, so customers are always aware they’ve reached the appropriate person and department. Not only does this enhance SteelFab’s image, but it also makes it easier for staff to handle messages promptly and professionally.

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Many more businesses have relied on the professionalism of Business Voicemail productions from PHMG – and the below benefits reveal just how important this kind of message is to both your company and your customers. 

  • Capturing queries:

    Establishing a voicemail system is essential to capture exactly what a customer needs from you, rather than interpreting a message that has been passed on with key information lost along the way. With this in place, you can use the audio content played here to create the best experience for the customer.

  • Creating consistency:

    In the current climate, having a team ready and waiting to handle every phone call may not be possible – so increasing numbers of calls may go through to voicemail. With more customers reaching this touchpoint, it’s essential that it maintains the same high standards as the other aspects of your entire customer journey – and a professionally recorded message from a brand-congruent voice artist is the best way to do this.

  • Delivering clear information:

    Staff may not be as readily available at the moment, so a business voicemail production is a good opportunity to provide alternative contact details that they may be able to use. Clarity is key in conveying this information to ensure understanding and eliminate the potential frustration from getting a wrong number, so Business Voicemail productions are the ideal solution.

  • Providing support at the most important time:

    We’re at a time when many businesses are beginning to return from a period of limited activity, and customers may need a little help with this transition. Available for landlines and cell or mobile phones, Business Voicemail productions can be there when callers ring through to departments, hunt groups or individuals. So no matter where they reach you, the customer will have the helping hand of a touchpoint that explains the situation, and provides any contact details that might be helpful.

When used correctly, a Business Voicemail production can be more than just a way to manage call volume – it can be a branded tool that plays a key role in supporting clients through your return to work, and encourages loyalty for the long term.