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Cloud continuity: telephone technology to support your return to work

Jun 03, 2020
There’s no denying that working reality post-pandemic will be different – but there’s a new type of communications technology that’s playing a huge role in keeping businesses and people connected. Cloud telephony delivers convenience, flexibility and affordability in a way traditional physical systems don’t, which is why they’re proving invaluable in the return to work. 

A platform on the rise:
As our working world begins to re-shape, the demand for a connection between people and businesses will be stronger than ever. Contact is craved in our digitally detached landscape, and the power of a phone call remains irreplaceable: 

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Clarity, collaboration and communication will be key to success in post-pandemic life, and cloud telephony introduces a wealth of opportunities to keep callers informed and reassured. The audio while connecting feature allows for content to be played as soon as a caller gets through, while they’re waiting to be put through to the right department or individual, or when they’re placed on-hold – ensuring customers are kept updated of every development. And if a company has an Auto Attendant in place (a message that allows callers to choose from a list of numbered departmental options), the sophistication of a cloud system allows targeted audio content to be played dependent on the selection they make – meaning varying information can be conveyed to different types of caller. 

Answering anywhere: 
Modern working encapsulates both remote and flexible working hours, and cloud telephony promotes both approaches. Cloud-based systems allow users to receive inbound calls from any location – at a desk phone, or simultaneously to a mobile or ‘soft phone’: software that allows calls to be made over the internet using a general purpose computer.  
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The added flexibility and accessibility is clear, but a switch to the cloud will also maximize efficiency by reducing operating costs and improving productivity. Cloud telephony typically boasts 99.9% uptime and offer a geo-resilient service perfect for global users. The cloud also removes the need for any hardware, therefore reducing the upfront costs associated with investing in a system. At a time when staff are likely to be more dispersed – and when companies may need to be tighter than ever with their budgets – both of these benefits make cloud telephony an all the more valuable prospect. 

Preparing for a new future:
As we adapt to business following the pandemic, a future of remote working looks set to stay: 

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Over recent months, many employees have proven that they don’t need to be in one place to work effectively – which removes the barriers of location for staff, and opens up new doors for company operations and recruitment. Cloud telephony will be at the heart of this new era in business and technology – creating fluid and adaptable communications systems and set-ups for companies across the globe.

With physical freedoms, manageable updates and the flexibility to scale, cloud tech doesn’t just prepare businesses for the potential of growth, but for the exciting developments too – in terms of technology, and a new way of working.