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Enhancing the caller experience: cloud creativity

Jun 04, 2020
When a customer picks up the phone to contact a business, they begin their caller experience – and this leaves a lasting impression on their perception of the company. Cloud telephony has another edge over its physical counterpart in the way it perfectly unites technology and creativity – enhancing the caller experience with custom productions that incorporate three inspiring elements. Not only does this open up avenues for communication – it maximises the potential of the telephone as a channel for adding real brand value.

Customisation is key:
Many cloud phone systems come with built-in messages that play at certain points in the caller journey, but these tend to be generic, robotic and highly impersonal. Exclusivity in this area allows for greater scope in creating content that supports the company and the customer in their overall goals. Listeners are kept engaged and informed about useful resources, calls themselves are dealt with efficiently as possible; and sales enquiries are encouraged through promotion – all delivering mutually beneficial outcomes. Plus, some systems have the ability to provide callers with different content based on the option they pick from an Auto Attendant message – allowing for sophisticated audience targeting. Sales lines can be maximised with offers or deals primed for those in a buying cycle, while customer care or complaint departments can deploy useful details on resources, support or effective messages of comfort.

The creativity of the call:
While delivering information is an essential part of the caller experience, it also represents an opportunity that’s about more than communication. The productions heard at key points in the call represent a brand in the same way as a logo, website or a TV campaign would, so they deserve the same levels of creative vision and execution. With so many customers still choosing to pick up the phone to a business, it’s a branding opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Audio branding productions are made up of three distinct elements that each strengthen company identity.
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Effortless adaptability:
The audio branding potential inherent within a cloud telephone system is tied to its ease of system management. Handled completely online, productions can be uploaded in seconds using a web portal – by a representative at the company, maintainers or consultants. Such ease also allows for regular updates, meaning content can be changed in line with every business development or seasonal campaign, and tracks can be given a celebratory feel for Christmas, Independence Day or other holiday occasions.

A caller’s journey incorporates a host of moments where creative audio content can be introduced – when they’re first greeted, while they’re on-hold or waiting to be connected, when they reach a voicemail to a department or individual, or even when no-one is available to answer their call. By working with an expert consultant in this area, you’ll identify these opportunities through call routing optimisation – and ensure the audio branding productions that characterise them are executed to their full creative potential.