Creating the caller journey: reaching the destination

Creating the caller journey: reaching the destination

Jun 19, 2020

Cloud telephony has changed the caller experience, giving you the opportunity and potential for more creative content that reflects your business. From the phone being picked up, through the transference to different departments or individuals to the end destination of their call, it’s an experience that’s more than just functional – it’s a complete journey for your customer.

You’ve created the best first impression, maximised the opportunities as they travel through the call, and now, the ideal destination is the customer speaking to a representative and having their enquiry dealt with effectively. However, this isn’t always possible. With cloud telephony, you’re able to add audio content at this key point – a creative, considerate production that strengthens professionalism, introduces branding opportunities and leaves a good impression.

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The finishing touches:

There are two options for when you’re unable to take the call of a customer, and both of them ensure your caller doesn’t leave their journey unsatisfied. They give them options to continue their journey until they find a satisfactory resolution, and information for what they can do next – the first being Business Voicemails. Available for both individual employees and departments, they allow callers to leave their own message with the reassurance that they will be contacted again as soon as possible. They can also inform a customer that if the department or employee they’re looking for is unable to speak to them, there are alternative teams and people, and there may be someone else who can help them.

The second production is an Out of Hours. This message plays whenever there is no one available to take a call – whether that’s due to your business being closed, or because of an unexpectedly high volume of callers. It’s there round the clock when your staff are unable to provide support. It’s also an opportunity to give alternative contact information, details of who to call in an emergency, and other helpful resources customers can use, such as your website. 

The right voice of reassurance:

Often with these types of messages, staff record their own or companies use presets that come with your phone system – but these choices miss out on strong branding opportunities. A unified voice is an often overlooked but key brand asset, as the right voice is an effective representation of your identity. There are many options that give different impressions. An authoritative, mature male voice gives a vastly different effect to a perky, vibrant and young female voice; and all the styles in between provide a wealth of nuance and options that can truly represent your business, and give the right perception to your callers. But it’s not just about strong branding – it shows professionalism as well. A staff member or robotic computerised voice can’t deliver a message with the same levels of humanity, vitality and clarity that a professional voice artist can. Combine this voice with a professionally copywritten script, and you have a message that’s engaging and clear to understand. 
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A lasting impression:

The final part of the caller journey shouldn’t be forgotten or overlooked, particularly if they haven’t been able to speak to a representative. It’s the last impression they’ll take away when they hang up, and the finishing touch that strengthens the brand that’s been built by the productions throughout the rest of the caller experience. Therefore, it’s essential to harness the power of a clear and emotive voice in your brand – one that’s truly recognisable as the voice of your business. Every good journey has a satisfactory end, so make sure every caller is left with the promise of a strong resolution.