Creating the caller journey: travelling in style

Creating the caller journey: travelling in style

Jun 19, 2020

A company’s conversation with their caller begins from the moment a consumer picks up the phone – but this is just the start of the journey. Following the initial greeting, the creative potential magnifies as a customer travels through the call flow – with cloud telephone systems offering the greatest opportunities to inspire callers and assert brand identity.

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Travelling opportunities:

As the greeting closes or the caller selects the number for their chosen department, their travels begin – bringing in two key opportunities for tailored, targeted content that delivers real customer engagement. Where callers would traditionally hear a ring as they’re put through to an individual or department, cloud telephone systems allow for the introduction of custom content known as  audio while connecting’. And if a caller has to be placed on-hold, the silence, beeps or poor quality music so often associated with this can be replaced with alternative audio. Many systems also have the capabilities to adapt this content by department, or right down to an individual’s line – creating a powerful opportunity for targeted, creative engagement.

The power of three:

Audio while connecting and on-hold productions carry such creative power because they’re made up of three distinct elements that work together in harmony.

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Real brand power:

Working seamlessly together, these three creative components assert identity and build loyalty as the caller travels through their journey – and it’s the added flexibility, reliability and personality of cloud telephony that really makes this possible. The telephone endures as a key channel for customer communication, and by introducing on-hold or audio while connecting productions, you’ll maximise this channel with the brand power of script, voice and music.

Of course, the journey is a means to the destination – and our final blog in this series explores how to ensure your callers end their travels in the best possible way.