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The real brand power of cloud telephony

Jun 19, 2020
When it comes to getting your company’s name out there, there’s no shortage of channels to choose from. Whether it’s traditional TV, radio or print advertising, or more digital options like social media, brands have the opportunity to capture the attention of consumers across a variety of platforms. But there’s one channel that carries an even more engaged audience than all of these channels: the telephone. And cloud telephony in particular has the agility and adaptability to provide an incredibly effective branding opportunity.

An enduring platform
Trends come and go, but the telephone has remained an enduringly popular method of contacting a business.

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The telephone is a tool that shouldn’t be underestimated by businesses. It carries a captive audience unlike other branding channels, and offers the unique opportunity to have a person’s undivided attention – a person you already know is primed to buy. Both these aspects make it a particularly powerful channel for branding, with cloud telephony offering increased flexibility to introduce productions at various points in the caller journey.

Triple the brand power
Of all the methods of advertising on offer to a business, the vast majority focus on the visual. And while sight is an important sense to target, it only allows you to assert your brand’s identity on one level – and could mean you miss out on other opportunities to share your message. Audio branding incorporates three elements that showcase identity in different ways: script, voice and music. Tailored copy written in your brand’s unique tone is delivered by a voice artist that captures your individuality – and this is all underpinned by a memorable piece of music to create the overall sound of your brand. This is only made more effective by the introduction of a sonic logo, which is a branding element that lends itself perfectly to cloud telephony. This powerful piece of audio can be played at the beginning of every call, acting as an instant indicator that this is a business that takes its image – and its customers – seriously.

Music Voice and Script
Sophisticated customer targeting
Both digital and email marketing allow businesses to target customers based on their browsing activities, preferences, or the different types of interactions they’ve already had with the company. Cloud telephony can also allow for this type of targeting, and introduces another valuable opportunity to reach both new and existing customers.

Users have the ability to play different content to callers on different lines – whether that’s based on department, or even specific members of staff. This means that a customer with a complaint could hear an alternative message to one looking to make a purchase – and they’ll be more receptive to what they hear as a result. This is not only an important opportunity for branding, but for delivering a personal experience for your customers, too.

It’s clear that the telephone as a branding channel shouldn’t be underestimated. And after Future Market Insights forecasted that the global VoIP phone system market share will reach $204.8 billion this year, there’s never been a better time to maximise the valuable opportunities that cloud telephony presents for your brand.