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Cloud telephony: unlocking creativity in the caller experience

Jun 26, 2020
Inherently adaptable, entirely cost effective and wholly future-proof, cloud telephony is a communication solution designed for the modern business. Companies across the globe are embracing the potential of this technology because of these obvious benefits, but there’s another key asset to these systems that works hard underneath the surface. Beyond the face of flexibility and cost savings, cloud telephony is the key that unlocks the creativity within the caller experience – creativity that comes hand-in-hand with efficiency.

These possibilities are all down to one key feature of the cloud telephone system: agility. Where the physical phone is sturdy, rigid and reliant on hardware, the cloud counterpart represents quite the opposite – a malleable, tailorable solution that’s easily changed through the accessibility of software. Audio content can be uploaded, updated, removed or re-introduced in a matter of clicks, at every level of contact – which acts an invitation for companies to use sound to its fullest potential.
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Hand in hand with agility comes the opportunity for optimisation. As a customer travels through the caller journey, they can take a variety of different routes – through various lines and departments to reach the right individual they need to speak to. Efficiency is key here, with the predominant aim being to get the customer in touch with a representative as quickly as possible. What many businesses and users of these systems may not realise, is that this efficiency comes hand-in-hand with the creativity of custom audio content. Introducing audio productions at key points in the caller experience makes for a more efficient experience:

  • Directing callers effectively through Auto Attendants or other directive messages.
  • Creating touchpoints to deliver essential information that will help them in their journey – and in future relations with the business.
  • Providing tailored information dependent on the line or department they’ve been directed to.
  • Reducing the perception of wait times through engagement and entertainment.
  • Transforming the caller experience into a branded experience, with every moment showcasing the identity and professionalism of the company.
Optimisation at its most basic level involves the conveyance of essential information to callers – but this is just the beginning. By incorporating captivating copy, exclusive music and professional voice artistry, custom audio productions become a channel to assert business identity, connect with the consumer on an emotional and memorable level, and inject human vitality that brings the experience to life – strengthening the engagement, entertainment and high-level branding benefits explained above. Thanks to cloud telephony’s agility, this content can be changed with every campaign, and targeted right down to the individual phone line – making it a solution as sophisticated as digital marketing.
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With so many variables and opportunities, many businesses may not know where to begin in this optimisation process – and often the telephone system providers and suppliers are focused on functionality. By working with an expert cloud telephony optimisation consultant – companies will have the guidance they need to really maximise the technology, and unlock the creative potential of their software.

As increasing numbers of companies are discovering, the real benefits of cloud telephony are delivered by its agility to optimise. When efficiency comes hand-in-hand with creativity, it results in a caller experience that’s inspirational to business and customers alike.