Cloud telephony: technology on the rise

Cloud telephony: technology on the rise

Jun 29, 2020

Tech evolves at a lightning pace, but one aspect that’s here to stay is the cloud. From storage to infrastructure, this online-first approach is changing the way we work in a number of ways – and one area where this is making the biggest difference is telephony.

Future Market Insights has forecasted that the market share for cloud telephony will reach $204.8 billion this year – putting adoption at an all-time high. Companies everywhere are making the switch – but what makes this telephone system different? And why is it a communications solution to invest in?

The what and why of cloud telephony:

While traditional telephone systems are manually housed somewhere within the office, the cloud-based alternative takes everything offsite. This means that your phone lines and call routes are securely stored on a server that can be accessed via the internet, and the phone calls made using this system are hosted over the internet too. This is most often done with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. There are a host of companies out there providing these systems, including Ring Central, BT, 3CX and many more.

So many businesses are choosing to make this investment because of the myriad of benefits VoIP provides. A more cost-effective, manageable and flexible solution than the traditional phone system, cloud telephony is helping corporate users to modernise their communication strategies and conduct business more efficiently.

65% of companies say that phone systems and live agents are their most urgent investment priorities. 

Contact still craved:

In a world dominated by social media, email, chatbots and a host of other channels of communication, businesses may ask whether an investment in their telephone system is one that’s worthwhile. Yet consumers are committed to this method of contact.

65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone call vs. only 24% who prefer a web form [The Call Intelligence Index].

75% of consumers believe that phone calls will help them get a quicker response from businesses [Invoca].

Cloud telephony: technology on the rise

This preference is driven by a number of factors, including the ease of contact by mobile. As consumers search for the products and services they need on their smartphones, a call to that business is only a touch away – which is why mobile search accounts for 48% of total call volume [The Call Intelligence Index]. On top of this, phone contact remains essential in sealing a deal, with 80% of sales transactions requiring at least five follow-up calls to boost the chances of conversion [Marketing D].

The new era is here:

With the telephone enduring in its popularity, companies must perfect their call handling practices to deliver the best possible service. It’s the unique features and benefits of a cloud-based telephone system that best allow them to do this, which is why more users than ever before are embracing this wholly modern solution.

If you’d like to learn more about the business potential of cloud telephony, PHMG has put together a complete White Paper exploring the benefits, considerations and immense possibilities of this technology. Just click here to download your copy.