Cloud telephony’s benefits to business: cost-effectiveness

Cloud telephony’s benefits to business: cost-effectiveness

Jun 30, 2020
Every business is looking to maximise profits and reduce costs while still providing quality service – and cloud telephony is key to achieving this. With the market set to reach $208.4 billion this year, it’s  a technology no longer in its infancy. There’s been a huge rise in popularity as business owners are seeing the benefits that switching from physical telephony brings. And at the top of that list is its cost effectiveness. 

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Set-up savings
When making any significant switches to your business, you always have to consider the initial cost. With no need for new hardware, cloud telephony has no installation fees and minimal setup costs – so it’s an investment that reaps benefits further down the line. While the establishing costs for an on-premise phone system can start at $20,000, setup costs for a cloud telephone system can be as low as $0. Low cost is always a good cost, and is especially good for start-up businesses looking to get off the ground with minimal expenditure. 

A system that looks after itself: 
Other savings you will make are through ongoing maintenance and support. In many cases, maintenance is built into the monthly price of your system, so you won’t incur additional costs if anything goes wrong. Plus, the lack of physical hardware leads to further savings. There’s no cause for concern over troubleshooting or call-out fees – and cloud telephony’s robustness means issues are few and far between anyway. There’s also no need to consider storage space – or the potential costs associated with any expansion.

Cost-effective calling:
But what about the cost of the calls themselves? As cloud telephony doesn’t use a traditional phone line, calls are instead made through your internet connection – resulting in significantly lower costs. Companies can save between 50% and 75% on their communication costs by using cloud instead of landline services (Bullseye Telecom), and small businesses can decrease the cost of local calls by up to 40% and 90% for international calls ( These are inarguable cost savings and benefits that businesses simply shouldn’t ignore. 

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Setup, maintenance and ongoing call costs are all reduced by switching to a cloud telephone system, measureable costs which you will quickly see the benefit of across your business. Combine this with its flexibility, futureproofing and creative potential, it you can see that cloud telephony is a clear choice for businesses of every size and sector.