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Cloud telephony: the key to futureproofing your business

Jul 01, 2020

In our recent series of blogs, we’ve been exploring all the benefits of cloud telephony – and it’s clear to see that this is the communications solution for modern, forward-thinking businesses. A major reason for this is how futureproof the cloud is, and the way it can be moulded to suit a growing company adapting to new technology.

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Moving with the times

The popularity of landline telephones has been steadily reducing for years, and this decline will culminate in BT permanently switching off their ISDN and PSTN services in 2025. As of this year, businesses haven’t been able to acquire these lines at all – and this reduction in service isn’t confined to just the larger corporations. Even smaller businesses will need to make the switch in the next few years, but rather than see this as a negative, companies should relish the opportunity to embrace new technology – and all the benefits that come with it.

Security for the growing business

No business owner can predict the future – and the last few months have proven that anything could be around the corner. But welcoming cloud telephony now will give your business the best possible chance to prepare for whatever happens down the line. The technology is flexible and perfect for a growing business, as it’s easy to add more lines in more locations as your company expands. And as many businesses seriously consider a permanent move to remote working, cloud telephony facilitates this – working anywhere with an internet connection. This also opens up opportunities to work outside of the standard office hours – allowing companies to communicate with overseas customers with ease.

Embracing new technology

The telecommunications industry is one of the fastest-growing globally (Forbes), with a huge potential for change in the coming years. There are several areas where this growth is most clear, and one of those is artificial intelligence (AI).

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There are many ways companies are using it to their advantage. AI enables businesses to improve their customer service through the use of virtual assistants and chatbots – helping to automate and scale responses to support requests with speed and efficiency. And on the telephone, this technology can recognise and direct customers to their chosen department by voice alone. It can also prevent outages by analysing data and anticipating potential equipment failure, before proactively fixing it without the customer ever being affected. Above all, AI makes it easier to manage daily business more efficiently – improving customer satisfaction in the process.

Another area of technology that’s making rapid advancements is 5G. Deloitte Global predicts that the 5G network will open up new revenue opportunities for telecom companies in the coming years, and it’s easy to accept this prediction, as networks have already been at the heart of our constantly connected world for the past 50 years. 5G has accelerated the trend for network sharing, and makes it possible to keep pace with future demand and expectations – both for consumers and industries. A cloud telephone system prepares businesses for all the opportunities these technological developments present, due to its unique ability to incorporate various aspects – whether that be AI, 5G, or something we’ve not even encountered yet.

Cloud telephony gives businesses the edge to embrace communication technology as it emerges, and to quickly adapt in the face of growth. With these futureproof qualities, it's an investment for companies of every size to consider.