Unified communications: consistency in the call banner

Unified communications: consistency in the call

Jul 06, 2020
Creating a strong, consistent brand is important for every business – but this isn’t just about projecting the same image across a variety of visual media. Unified communications is an essential business concept that describes the complete integration of all enterprise comms services – whether that be web and video conferencing, instant messaging, data sharing, and even the phone call.  

An essential channel for business communication, the telephone is a key part of a unified communications strategy. Therefore, it can be very useful to think of this concept as a unification of the entire caller experience. If all touchpoints within the call are providing the same levels of clarity, professionalism and brand identification, you’ll create a seamless journey that wholly enhances a unified communications strategy. And if a business is a user of cloud telephony, there comes a greater opportunity to achieve this consistency for ultimate clarity and professionalism.

The agility and adaptability of a cloud telephone system means it can be easily optimised through the addition of custom audio content – and there are a number of key points within the caller experience where this can be introduced. 

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Achieving unified communications in the call means delivering a consistently professional sound across every one of these touchpoints, and there are number of ways to do this. One brand congruent voice artist should deliver each message, rather than system presets or employee recordings. And these messages should consist of informative, engaging copy, professionally crafted in the distinct tone of the business. Where appropriate, you can also add an exclusive, representative track that encapsulates the feeling of your brand – which will become synonymous with a business through repeated listening and exposure. 

In comparison to a traditional phone system, it’s the features and capabilities of cloud telephony that make achieving consistency within the caller experience easier than ever before. Flexible, adaptable and instantly customisable, it’s a highly effective way to strengthen brand message and identity – making it an essential part of unified a communications strategy.