Cloud telephony: the features bringing an audio brand to life

Cloud telephony: the features bringing an audio brand to life

Aug 06, 2020
Cloud telephony offers a wealth of benefits, yet one of the most valuable to a business is the way it deftly facilitates audio branding. These systems carry the unique ability to introduce branded content that’s easily customizable, updatable, and most importantly, enhances the experience for the caller. Read on to discover all the key features – and how each one can make your brand sing.

Audio While Connecting

How does it work?

As we’ve come to expect from a phone call, the first thing usually heard when we dial a number is a series of rings. However, the Audio While Connecting feature replaces these rings with custom audio content that every single caller to a business will hear. 

How can I use it to enhance my caller experience? 

This is a valuable opportunity to make a real impact on a caller, and define their experience from the moment they hit the call button. Content here should hit the customer right between the ears – delivering a powerful slogan, overarching campaign message, or even a sonic logo – a snippet of sound that characterises company identity, and acts as an instant trigger of the superior service a business is about to deliver. 

GreetingHow does it work?

After the call is connected, many cloud systems allow a welcome or greeting message to be played before the caller is put through to an operator or representative. 

How can I use it to enhance my caller experience? 

Just like the initial Audio While Connecting, this could be an opportunity to introduce an impactful message or sonic logo. Alternatively, it can be used to deliver a friendly and professional welcome greeting, or an essential piece of information a customer needs – such as telling them to have their order number or ticket ready. Either way, it makes sure a caller receives the best first impression of the business.  

Auto AttendantHow does it work?

Heard at the start of a call or when a caller is moving to different departments or individuals, this production gives them a list of numbered options to choose from to navigate to a selected line. This can be done via the keypad, or in the case of IVR-enabled systems, with the caller’s voice. 

How can I use it to enhance my caller experience? 

Allowing a caller to self-direct to the correct department instantly makes the experience more efficient – but that’s not the only benefit to introducing this kind of production. Having it professionally recorded by a voice artist enhances clarity, and creates an opportunity to reinforce brand identity by using a vocal with qualities that reflect the business’ unique personality. 

Call QueuesHow does it work?

This feature is utilised on busy call routes, and allows operators to queue up calls until an agent is ready to handle their query. For businesses with high volumes of calls and routing options, more advanced queues can be implemented which allow for greater management. 

How can I use it to enhance my caller experience? 

Rather than the usual beeps or poor-quality music, audio while connecting can be played to callers while they wait in these call queues – creating a valuable opportunity for communication and engagement. These productions are made up of three distinct elements:

• Creative copy – conveying key messages in a business’ distinct tone in a way that informs and entertains

• Professional voice artistry – reinforcing identity with humanity and vitality

• Exclusive music – composed custom to the business to capture their qualities in the most emotive and memorable way

Together, these elements reinforce brand identity on three distinct levels – reducing perceived waiting time for the caller, creating enquiries for the company, and wholly enhancing professionalism.   

Hunt groupsHow does it work?

Hunt Groups gather multiple users together and assign them to answer calls to particular lines. This means customers get through to people with the right knowledge, and their query can be answered more efficiently. 

How can I use it to enhance my caller experience? 

Many cloud telephone systems allow for targeted Audio While Connecting to be played for callers on lines to different hunt groups – so as an example, those with a sales enquiry would hear different content to those calling with a complaint. This sophisticated approach means customers receive information tailored to their needs, making them more likely to react with enquiries and long-term loyalty. 
 Music on HoldHow does it work?

This is played to a caller while they’re waiting to be reconnected to an operator – ideal for when an agent is busy performing a task for the customer or needs to get advice or assistance from a colleague. 

How can I use it to enhance my caller experience? 

Utilising this feature means callers are kept engaged and occupied while an agent deals with their query in full, which leads to better service. However, it’s important to consider the content played here. Many companies choose to have tracks from existing artists playing for their hold music, but this always runs the risk of the listener having negative preconceived opinions about this track – which they then apply to the business. Playing a custom track eliminates this risk, and creates only positive associations with the company that are instantly triggered through repeated listens. And unlike the name of the feature suggests, the content here doesn’t just have to be music – it can be the same powerful blend of copy, voice and music as used for Audio While Connecting.  

Smart phone appsHow does it work?

This is a perfect feature for employees who are working from home or on the road. Installing this app allows them to play branded on-hold content for callers to their cell or mobile phone, just as they would hear if they rang an office or central location. 

How can I use it to enhance my caller experience? 

Making use of this app means you know callers will have the same consistent, on-brand experience of your business – and staff are reassured that they can deliver equally high standards of professionalism to the customers they individually speak with. 

VoicemailHow does it work?

If for any reason a call goes unanswered – whether it’s to a department, individual line or cell/mobile – they’ll hear this message. 

How can I use it to enhance my caller experience? 

You’ve used all the other features of a cloud telephone system to create the highest standards of professionalism – and this key touchpoint shouldn’t be forgotten. Once again you’ll reinforce brand identity with the consistent use of a chosen voice artist. And by providing alternative methods of contact, you’ll show customers they haven’t been forgotten just because you’re unavailable.  

Out of HoursHow does it work?

This production plays whenever a caller tries to contact a company outside of their usual working hours. The easy adaptability of a cloud system means that these messages can also be programmed to play within set times and dates – allowing for temporary productions to be heard over holiday periods, on training days or for temporary closures. 

How can I use it to enhance my caller experience? 

Out-of-Hours is a simple and effective way to show callers you care. Even when the business is closed, they’ll hear a professional, on-brand voice offering alternative contact details or instructions on what to do if the query is an emergency – providing reassurance and working to reduce lost sales enquiries. 

When used to their full potential, every one of these features work to enhance the caller’s journey. And altogether, they create an on-brand, professional caller experience that unlocks the marketing and communicative power of the telephone.