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Enhancing your caller experience: the three steps to optimisation

Aug 06, 2020
The telephone endures as a key method of consumer communication – which means the caller experience forms an essential part of the customer’s overall impression of your business. Efficiency, creativity and professionalism all factor in shaping this experience, and the best way to make sure you’re delivering in all of these areas is through call optimisation. We explore the three most effective steps you can take to really maximise this time – and discover why every business can benefit from the help of expert telephony consultants.
Step One
As a business owner or employee, you rarely call your own company – but knowing all the varying routes a caller can take is an essential first step towards perfecting caller experience. From greeting and Auto Attendant options to departmental connections and voicemail, understanding the path in its entirety helps you see where improvements can be made – in terms of efficiency in connection, and in identifying potential for adding elements of audio branding. Introducing script, voice and musical content at key points makes all the difference in elevating brand identity and professionalism, which will wholly enhance the perception of your company. This is particularly important when it comes to new customers:
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Therefore, gaining an understanding of your call routes could be the difference between won and lost revenue.
Step Two
The most desirable outcome is for every call to be effectively handled by a representative. Inevitably though, there will be times when calls have to go unanswered – staff take breaks or have meetings, operating hours end, and unexpected circumstances (such as fire drills or temporary closures) can occur. So a big part of call optimisation is ensuring a customer is never left hanging. This can be a system that transfers calls to staff mobiles or the next available agent. Or more simply, it can be a professional, reliable voicemail message that offers alternative methods of contact or information. With productions like this in place for individual lines, hunt groups and whole systems, a customer will always hang up the phone with some form of resolution – the difference between a positive and negative experience.
Step Three
Having optimisation features like Auto Attendant and Business Voicemails is great - but once these are in place, it’s important to keep up-to-date with their content and usage. An on-hold production should be updated regularly with the latest product launches, promotions or company news, while Business Voicemail and Auto Attendants need to be regularly checked to ensure all the details are present and correct – no disbanded departments or ex staff members. On top of this, you may have features within the call route that become obsolete. Leaving these in place adds additional layers that make the flow unnecessarily complex – so stay aware to ensure the process remains as efficient as possible for your customers. It’s vital that your caller experience evolves as your business does.

Expert optimisation: call consultancy
Every company is primarily concerned with serving their customers – and even though the caller experience is an important part of this, it’s very easy for business owners to overlook the inner workings. Coupled with this is the fact that many companies may be unaware of exactly what their system can do – especially in the case of cloud telephony. Providers of this unique technology are there to simply make the system work, but with it’s unrivalled agility and complexity, there’s so much more it can do to enhance the caller experience. It’s here that the role of the cloud telephony consultant becomes invaluable. Their unique expertise can help take every step to call optimisation in the following ways:

Understanding: Drawing on their inherent knowledge of the inner workings of various cloud systems, they’ll complete a thorough analysis of the current setup – plotting call routes, pinpointing efficiencies, and identifying valuable audio branding opportunities. With this potential uncovered, they’ll then work with you to develop creative audio content that captures the identity of your brand.

Developing contingencies: The call optimisation analysis will highlight all the different ways a call will go unanswered – and consultants will then create targeted Business Voicemail productions for every eventuality.

Staying up to date: Long-term, consultants will perform regular sound checks to keep on top of content – partnering with the business to make continual improvements. They can also program productions for specific times when staff may be unavailable, such as holidays or training days.

Most importantly, a cloud telephony consultant is dedicated to your caller experience. And with their focus and insight, they’ll help you unlock its true potential. PHMG’s CX Architects have unrivalled expertise in this area, and can help you master call optimisation. To find out more contact us at callerexperience@phmg.com or on:

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