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Chuckanut: A warmer welcome with enhanced audio content.

Sep 30, 2020
Chuckanut is a premier property management service, operating in a sector where a reputation for exceptional client care is an essential advantage. As an established, recognized firm, they receive calls from both tenants and owners, whose queries require professional and efficient service for effective resolution.

They also use a RingCentral phone system which carries immense, untapped audio branding potential. With expert help from PHMG, Chuckanut’s goal is to create a warmer, more inviting caller experience, reinforcing their image as market-leader.
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Call Optimization: custom productions for personalized service.
Our first step towards evolving Chuckanut’s caller experience into a seamless representation of their business was to analyse their set-up, establishing how messaging was being deployed, and how audio content could be better leveraged.

Next, superfluous default system audio was removed, allowing calls to be routed more efficiently, and making room for new, more engaging content, tailored specifically to Chuckanut’s needs by our experienced team of Copywriters, Composers and Producers.

Following an in-depth consultation on our findings and recommendations on optimizing the caller experience, we began by replacing the impersonal default messages provided by the system with exclusive departmental and end-user voicemail productions.

We then created a clear, concise Auto Attendant production, which represents the clients brand image succinctly – providing callers with a helpful list of easy-to-follow options, and a welcoming first impression.

The next stage in the creative process was to deliver department-specific content relevant to the callers’ selection, offering actionable directions and reassurance they’re being connected to the team who can best assist them.

Finally, our Copy, Music, and Production teams collaborated to create custom holiday messages informing callers of closure or amended opening hours, which will be scheduled in advance to play at the relevant time. This content can also be refreshed with current or new information, ensuring callers are always kept fully up to date.

Once these productions were was perfected, we began to upload, program and test it – ensuring the new caller experience is an accurate representation of Chuckanut’s dedication to their clients, and allows for more effective, efficient service..
“We would absolutely recommend PHMG – they were great to work with, so helpful, and we now have a more streamlined phone system!”
These adjustments resulted in optimized cloud-based call routing which allows Chuckanut to finally make full use of their system’s features – but more importantly, the streamlined caller experience has made their service more efficient. With a full suite of audio productions, tenants or owners now receive branded, yet personalized content, which may even help answer their question before they speak to a representative.

In summary, with fully customized, enhanced audio content, Chuckanut can now provide a more efficient service, befitting of their client-focussed ethos.
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