A festive message

A festive message

Nov 06, 2020

The festive season is associated with joy, excitement and nostalgia – and it’s a time when a business has a lot to talk about. This means successful festive copywriting should expertly balance these two aspects, delivering words with real warmth that communicate everything their customers need know. On top of this, there’s choosing the right channel to ensure this message reaches as many people as possible – which is where the telephone comes in.

Spread festive cheer:
The most successful and creative holiday campaigns spread happiness among customers, and a key way to do this is with a heartwarming message. This has been seen throughout advertising history, with brands like Hershey’s, Folgers Coffee and even Apple taking the opportunity to wish their own customers the very best for the festive season. This is something that’s applicable for every business, with a simple ‘Happy Holidays’ working hard to strengthen relationships by making customers feel like part of the family. While the majority of businesses don’t have TV advertising campaigns, they do have a telephone – and the caller experience is the perfect opportunity to share these warm wishes with the people that deserve to hear them. 

more than 63% of people think brands shouldn’t be spending significant sums on big, lavish blockbuster ads, and instead focus on more authentic, emotional content

The end of the year is also a great opportunity to thank consumers for their support and show gratitude for their loyalty – which we’re likely to see more than ever before in 2020. According to a OnePoll study, more than 63% of people think brands shouldn’t be spending significant sums on big, lavish blockbuster ads, and instead focus on more authentic, emotional content – something Amazon has reflected with their recently revealed festive campaign. Their spot focuses on the story of a ballerina who’s big dreams have been put on-hold by the events of the year, and it showcases how the shopping site is putting them back on track in the most emotive way. The short film ends with the simple yet powerful line ‘the show must go on’, demonstrating how the brand will help keep the holidays on-track.  

Spreading the word: 
As well the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also the busiest – so it’s important to keep customers informed while warming their hearts. Sharing details of exclusive seasonal offers is a great way to generate interest, showcase generosity and get into the festive spirit. This year in particular, consumers may also not get the chance to visit in-person to see what sales and promotions businesses have to offer, so alternative channels will really come into their own. Callers are right up there with visitors in terms of captive engagement, so using the caller experience as a way to promote and inform is a vital way to share. As well as these offers, many companies will also find they have important details to communicate such as delivery dates, or at the very least, changes to opening hours. Again, the telephone is a key way to get this information across – targeting the exact people who need to know. 

Get organised: 
Companies everywhere tell people to be organized for the holidays, and this is advice they themselves should also follow. Any important changes or announcements should be made well in advance. If callers are likely to be placing last-minute orders, tell them about shipping times and publicize your final order date to ensure everything arrives in time for the big  day. And most importantly, make sure this vital information is broadcast throughout the entirety of the holiday countdown. Just as we see festive campaigns hit our screens as soon as the jack-o-lanterns have been cleared away, companies should have seasonal messages in place on their phone system throughout the whole of December – meaning now’s the time to put these arrangements in place. 

Clearly, there’s a lot to consider when developing a festive message. The words themselves should be powerful, heartwarming, authentic and informative all at the same time. And to make sure the message is heard by as many people as possible, it must be broadcast in the right channel. The best option is to entrust to professional copywriters, and put this message in pride of place as a key part of the festive caller experience – which is where PHMG has you covered.