Humanizing power of voice

The power of voice: humanizing the holidays

Nov 06, 2020
We humans are social creatures with a need for emotional connection – and this need is never more present than during the Holidays. Our desire to reach out, connect, and celebrate the relationships we have is at an all-time high from November to January, and displays of affection are never more effective than when they’re delivered personally. This is where the almighty power of the human voice comes in to its own – and why businesses should add this human touch to make a real connection with their customer. 

Feelings over facts:
A universal truth in advertising is that consumers evaluate a business with their feelings, not facts – and the holidays are an exceptionally promising opportunity to put this into practice. The objective is to tap into the excitement of the season and generate holiday content that triggers the associated positive emotions: delighting and engaging customers while promoting your product, and differentiating yourself from the competition. The most effective way for brands to do this is by showing their human side – and the most readily available and accessible tool to deliver that is voice.

With viewers’ visual attention already being drawn in different directions, many businesses are cottoning onto this – incorporating a deeper emotional layer in their holiday campaigns by adding the power of song. This means of captivating audiences is sound and proven. We hear it in everything from the annual breathy John Lewis covers that accompany their tear-jerking commercials, to Anna Kendrick’s festive ode to Frito Lays, and Sobeys’ heart-warming remake of their iconic ad – sung this time around by employees and a few now-adult members of the children’s choir from the original version. 

Humanizing a global experience:
Metrics make clear that in a ‘normal’ year, audiences will always respond best when brands show their seasonal humanity – regardless of whether you’re selling B2B creativity, high-end cars, or potato chips – and it makes sense when you look at the data on personal communication at this time. According to recent statistics, 70% of the UK population spends an average of two hours on the phone with a family member on December 25th – and with even Verizon encouraging customers to switch off during their Thanksgiving dinner, it’s safe to say Americans like to talk just as much, if not more. After all, if you can’t be with your loved one in person during the most wonderful time of the year, the best alternative is a video or telephone call – something people across the globe will be doing more than ever before, and for many, for the first time.

Humanizing power of voice
The season of empathy: 
During a moment in time when empathy and authenticity are seen as key to branding success, your most subtle tool for advertising in a way that’s more inspirational and less transactional might well be your very own telephone. While you may not be able to call every one of your customers to say thank you for their support and continued business, you can use audio content to soften the caller experience and remind them you’re all human, too.

Your volume of incoming queries is likely to reach a peak during the holidays, and this year, with things not likely to be fully back to normal, callers will have more questions about deliveries and orders, and may be more stressed than usual. What they need is a caller experience that supports them, efficiently puts them in touch with the right people, and provides key information.

Custom audio content achieves all that and more – and the right voice artist will instil this message with real heart and emotion to show callers you care. Some examples of the scope that can be achieved include a child’s voice to deliver a seasonal sense of awe and wonder, or perhaps an ordinary, authentic person-next-door voiceover that potentially stressed caller can relate to, and even feel calmed by.

Whatever route you choose, the key is creativity and authenticity. Appeal to your audience’s emotions and you won’t just be their brand for the holidays – they’ll stick with you for a lifetime.