Festive music

Your song of the season

Nov 06, 2020
With the holiday season fast approaching, companies everywhere are looking for a way to share a little joy with their customers – and music is perhaps the most powerful way to do this. The right tune inspires emotion and recall within the listener – two things that are often abundant when this time of year comes around. Every one of us has special memories we can attach to this time of year, and the feelings we ascribe to them surface at the sound of our favorite seasonal songs. By channeling these powerful associations with the right track, businesses can inspire listeners in a way that brings real festive cheer. 

On-track for the holidays:
The magical musical effect explains why some of the most successful holiday campaigns are built around songs. Every year, John Lewis’ highly anticipated ad tells a new story about togetherness with the help of an acoustic cover of a much-loved classic – and the same can be said for Coca-Cola, whose ‘Holidays are Coming’ jingle is now seen as the official start of the countdown. The classics abound here, such as last year’s Oreo campaign with its traditionally jolly version of ‘Deck the Halls’. Yet recent campaigns have proved that tracks used as part of these campaigns don’t have to be the sentimental favorites. Last year, Ikea’s ‘Silence the Critics’ featured MC Skepta rapping about a more unconventional kind of holiday, and this is a trend that’s continued into 2020. Pepsi Max is asking people to ‘refresh their Christmas’ in another grime-inspired ad, continuing an edgier theme begun by last year’s slot featuring the renowned rap artist Cardi B. As long as the music featured is on-brand, it can play its part in creating a powerful holiday campaign. 

The holiday hitlist: 
Not all businesses have the global reach or budget of Pepsi or Oreo, but they do have another way of inspiring their customers with a song of the season. The caller experience offers a host of opportunities to introduce custom audio productions – which as well as conveying essential company information to callers, can incorporate music that captures the identity of a brand. During the holidays, it’s also a great way for companies to get their callers in the festive spirit – which is why PHMG has created a holiday hitlist of tracks especially for this medium. Composed by our Grammy and Bafta award-winning composers, this seasonal selection takes inspiration from beloved movies, snowy pop hits and even classic carols. It offers an option to suit companies of all sectors and style, with a track also created especially for Australian clients to channel a sunnier sound of the season. 

Festive music

Whether it’s jingle bell rock, a rejoicing choir, a merrily orchestral masterpiece or anything inbetween, there’s a holiday hit to suit every business. Find the right one, and you’ll inspire listeners to connect with your brand this festive season.