COVID-19 communications: the telephone in action

communication: a power tool

Power Equipment Direct streamlines and simplifies the buying process for an extensive range of top-class power tools. They provide a platform allowing customers to browse chain saws, air compressors, lawn mowers and more, all from the comfort of their own home.

“As an ecommerce retailer of essential HVAC and OPE products, our customers rely on our expertize to ‘Make Buying Technical Products Simple’. During these unprecedented times of the pandemic, where people are relying on their equipment like never before, we are there to answer the call.”
- Christopher Isit, Senior Content Marketing Manager

PED image one 

challenge: a shortage of power

Like most companies around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted Power Equipment Direct’s operations in an incredibly significant way. Stock and staff shortages, delays to deliveries, elongated hold times, and attempting to remain open during this unprecedented time have all posed a mammoth challenge to this business.

“Being able to let customers know that we care, even though it may take longer to answer their call, gives people peace-of-mind in these uncertain times. It helps both customers and the representatives get on the same page, even before they hear our voice.”
- Christopher Isit, Senior Content Marketing Manager

PED image two 

solution: a fast and flexible service

PHMG’s fast turnaround and flexible service have benefited Power Equipment Tools immeasurably, ensuring their telephone system is an effective communication tool. Their Auto Attendant production reassures clients when an operator is unable to take their call, while separate On-Hold Marketing productions for each of their 16 brands calmly and effectively communicate the fact that they remain open, and what to expect with regards to their current service and challenges they’re facing.

“PHMG is the voice our customer hears first. It’s our first impression. And, like all impressions, you only get one chance at it. Thank you for answering our call.”
-- Christopher Isit, Senior Content Marketing Manager