PHMG COVID-19 Risk Assessment – October 2020

Employees in the office are required to carry out work while observing two-metre social distancing from both colleagues and non-employees. We’ve taken all reasonable steps to maintain a two-metre distance in the workplace, and where people cannot be two-metres apart, we’ve done everything practical to manage transmission risk.

We have also taken all reasonable steps to help people work remotely, and anyone that’s vulnerable or has symptoms will be required to work from home. All departmental heads are managing any staff coming into the office, ensuring there is staggered entering and exiting of the building, as well as any breaks.

We’ve implemented cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with government guidance. All surfaces are professionally and thoroughly cleaned daily and all areas have cleaning stations for staff to use during the day. Communal areas such as stock rooms, kitchens and games rooms have been closed-off and, where applicable, signage has been posted for the safe use of the facilities. Only essential visitors and deliveries to the office have been enforced with all staff members, and doors remain open to limit touch. Air conditioning has also been disabled to reduce any potential spread. COVID-19 signage has been installed so staff are reminded of what to expect and how to act responsibly, and if any member of staff has COVID-19 symptoms, they’ve been made aware of what to do.

How PHMG has minimised the risk:

Working from home

A rota system has been put in place for the majority of staff, on a three days in, two days out basis. This is designed to reduce office capacity by 40%, and ensure limited numbers in the building. The infrastructure is in place for all staff to effectively work from home on their assigned days.

Working in the office
Departmental heads manage all staff who are in the office, and ensure that shifts are in place and staggered arrivals and breaks are adhered to where applicable.

Office space

Social distancing measures are in place, enforced and sign-posted throughout the office. Communal areas have been closed or sign-posted for safety where applicable – including lifts, which have been limited to only one user at a time. Staff have been asked to limit their movement between floors, use video conferencing software as much as possible, and wear masks when travelling if necessary.

Safety measures

Sanitisation stations are regularly placed throughout the office, and the office is cleaned professionally and thoroughly, daily. Where applicable and practical, gloves will be used to carry out any work, and temperature check guns are available for use if necessary. Signage is displayed throughout the office regarding safety measures, hand-washing and symptom advice, including how to report it if they’ve been exposed to COVID-19. In addition to this, we’ve introduced monthly bio-fogging procedures to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness.

Who to contact:
Katie Navarro (07811 836 835) / Ellis Whittam (0345 226 8393).
Or the Health and Safety Executive at or 0300 003 1647.