How does your future sounds?

how does your future sound?

Head of Music and Voice - OH & WA



The Head of Music and Voice is a unique role that requires an exacting combination of commercial ingenuity and artistic flair. With previous experience in the creative music industry or in an advertising agency, you’ll equally balance the needs of the business, the client and the creative talent. And as a true people person, you’ll have the innate ability to liaise with people at all levels – as well as the confidence to present to leading company figures.

This role represents a unique opportunity to spearhead the success of Brand-Sound™ in the US, and expand the Music and Voice team in this territory. Therefore, it offers strong potential for movement into management, so experience in this field would be desirable.

Locations: Columbus, OH and Seattle, WA.

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Key responsibilities

  • Leading interactive Music and Voice Workshops that add value to the Brand-Sound™ product
  • Analyzing creative content to ensure each track accurately represents the brand
  • Providing strategic and artistic direction for composers and voiceover artists through the creation of a brief
  • Conducting face-to-face meetings with valuable clients
  • Understanding and meeting the audio requirements of leading brands
  • Continual development and enhancement of a roster of creative talent
  • Building strong relationships with clients and departments
  • Developing thorough knowledge of our products to maximize personal effectiveness

Skills, knowledge and experience

  • A thorough understanding of the use of music in a commercial setting
  • Confident and comfortable at presenting
  • A strong knowledge of the mechanics of production and songwriting
  • The ability to establish the appropriate voice and music for different brands and audiences
  • A visionary thinker who can act and lead strategically
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
  • Creative, ambitious, driven and highly organized
  • The capability and commitment to manage ongoing professional development
  • Ability to work under pressure with a constantly positive outlook