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Talking Technology: Juan Garcia 

Juan has made great contributions to the way PHMG operates over the years – and he tells us about his journey to inspire other tech enthusiasts at the beginning of their careers.

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Juan took a risk when he joined the team at PHMG to work on unfamiliar software, but it just so turned out he was the perfect fit for our team.

Hola, my name is Juan Jose. I’m originally from Spain, but I made the move to Manchester seven years ago in the hope of finding a more promising job in the technology sector (my friend here promised the weather wasn’t so bad). During my first week of applying, I was offered positions at three different companies, and decided to accept the Developer role here at PHMG.

Up until then, I had spent practically my entire career as a Full Stack Developer, and most of my experience was based on Microsoft technologies. I started with CB 6.0 and moved onto working with all the Visual Studio versions and many other different technologies ­ but CRM Dynamics back then was totally alien to me. Fast-forward to today, I’m an established member of a great Development team, and will soon be celebrating eight years in one of my first permanent roles; something I think is testament to the environment and opportunities at PHMG.

We asked Juan what a day in the life of a PHMG Developer looks like.

‘Buenos dias!’ is how we start most mornings, followed by a casual team chat about the day ahead. We then have a Scrum meeting to discuss the tasks we’ve been assigned and answer each other’s questions, before finally and most importantly grinding and preparing our Aeropress coffees so we’re ready for the day ahead. The rest of the afternoon relies on constant communication with the team, because in addition to our daily workload, we usually deal with incoming tasks from BAU (Business As Usual).

Juan has enjoyed many careers highlights over the past few years, but his most notable takes him right back to the beginning.

I’ve had many different career highlights during my time here, but the biggest probably has to be when I first started here. I worked with my colleague Vincent Jourdain to migrate and map the old CRM structure into Dynamics 2011/2013. This was challenging not only because I didn’t know anything about the technology, but also because I was still adapting to life in England; a new culture, a new life, and a new way of working.

Development is a challenging industry, and Juan believes perseverance and balance is key to enjoying a long and successful career in this sector.

If you’re new to software development, there are different places to start. You can go on a course to learn about the foundations, then start an apprenticeship to put what you’ve learnt into practice. There are also loads of resources online, so anyone can start at any time it’s not reserved for people studying computer science.

My main piece of advice would be: don’t give up. Development can be tough, you might be stuck on something for a while, but you will find a solution and it will feel all the more rewarding. Try searching for answers online (like on Stackoverflow), enjoy coding some beautiful HTML with CSS, get used to working with databases and Source versioning, and also stay active. You’re going to be sitting down a lot, so finding a balance is good for the body and mind.